DHQ Nickeisha and Marvin back together?

Sunday, April 8, 2018, 2:21 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Jamaica’s most famous dancing couple DHQ Nickeisha and Marvin The Beast are reportedly back on, despite their public split weeks ago. Both were seen in instances together before the public announcement of the reunion.

Nickeisha was quoted:


“Goodnight to everyone now things been happening for a while and did not say anything, no one know what been happening in my life u see me on social media every day that doesn’t mean i post everthing about my life me and @marvinthebeast__ had argument and we part ways he went on social media and did stuff that hurt me my family and my fans which i said i would never forgive him for, i try very very hard to stay away from but things happen we all or human i know people been saying good and bad about the situation but everything will be ok i know what im doing some people or saying hes a bad person i know hes not i know most of been through worst and still manage to forgive it not like him diss me plenty time this was the one time things do happen and i wont hide my feelings for him he ask for my forgiveness so many time in different ways so i decide to give it another chance in my life, i know im a public figure but my entertainment life is different from my relationship mow up to TODAY NO ONE KNOWS WHAT REALLY HAPPEN BETWEEN US trust me i love all my fans and day one supporters amma continue do what i do best #ENTERTAINING you all so to everyone peace and live to you all BACK TO MY WORK NOW ok have a blessed night. I think everyone deserve a second chance its not easy to just let go something you have going over 8 years of happiness. WE ARE ALL WOMAN #NOONEISPERFECT love you all….. an im always gonna be that person i have always be #NEVERCHANGE again nuff love a respect to all my fans and day one supporters.”

With that said we should not judge the couple too much they clearly have love for each other and secrets that we don’t know of.

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