DHQ Nickeisha Says She Was ‘Threatened’ By Ravers Dancers,…”Mee Unuh A Offer Shot”

Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 12:11 AM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Dancehall queen Nickeisha, girlfriend of popular dancer Marvin Di Beast has sent a stern warning to Ding Dong and his ravers crew.

In a lengthy Instagram post to her Instagram on Wednesday (Nov 21) Nickiesha calls out the ravers crew for “making trouble in dancehall”


“NAA GO HOLD THIS NUH MORE” Nickesha wrote “See unuh set a dancers weh call unuhself [RAVERS] stop walk an give bl#tcl**t problem a night time inna dancehall cause marvin,moneybeast or me nuh walk an trouble people #NOTIME” She said

“LAST night ago make the 4th time unu dweet an we hold it down an nuh say nothing every time we a pass unuh unuh a bad up unuh pu**yclaat self an a bout suck unuh mada gunshot unuh a go get lol like really?
oh i forgot say a unuh alone bad an have gun. I don’t know what the f*ck unuh feel like,every blutclaaat body bad ALL WHO no bad a who no waa bad WE ARE ALL DANCERS WHY UNUHBABPUSH BADNESS WHEN ABPEACE UNUH FIN SAY?ALL ME UNUH A OFFER GUNSHOT AN A BOUT SUCK MADA MEEEEEEE weh nuh see blutclaat people lol ONE THING ME A TELL UNUH I’m a peace maker DON’T MAKE THIS GET OUTTA HAND! cause you will never hear say me fuck wid people,UNUH LEFT IT DEH SUH ZEEN IF UNUH KNOW WAA BEST FI UNUH! ! #PEACE #PEACE #PEACE #PEACE that me say but me nuh know a waa kinda blood run through unuh bout gunshot a unuh career unuh find a focus Pon fi get wealthy live good kmt #favaediot #RAVERS” Nickeisha adds

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