Diana King Marries A Wife

[Sharingbuttons]The Jamaican Singer Diana King who sang about wanting a ‘Shy Guy’ told the world that she was a lesbian in 2012.

Some persons reacted favorably, but some didn’t like her decision as Jamaicans have been seen for many years; as one of the most homophobic nations in the world. 


However, recently the singer wrote on Social Media that she is now married to her longtime girlfriend. She is the first Jamaican Dancehall artiste to make any such announcement. She said ,she never thought she would be able to do what she did, speaking about her wife openly. However she is grateful to the persons who accepted her decision, even when they didn’t agree with her choice.

Diana described herself as an introvert, who only pretends to be brave when she is onstage performing for her fans. However she says she is planning to be authentic, as she is hoping that a change will happen when homosexuals are more visible.
Over the years it seems as if Jamaicans have become more tolerant of lesbians, but not Gay men, as the comments on the artistes post were not very critical of her decision. People were saying it is her life and she should be free to live in the way she wants to live.

Being our brothers or sisters keepers and wanting persons to make decisions they won’t regret in the future, seems to be thoughts that are easily dismissed these days. No one seems to care that much about anyone apart from themselves and their close relatives in these times.

Some persons say,” we all have different values and beliefs, so we should never force our belief system on anyone else, as we were given the freedom to choose by our Creator.”

Dancehall Artiste Mr. Vegas, said he wished for Diana a lifetime of joy and happiness. He also added that he is comfortable as long as the homosexuals don’t push their lifestyle on him. However he said people should try to live within the teachings of the Almighty, as we all will answer for all we do in this lifetime, one day.


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