Did Shenseea Do A Body Surgery?… See New Pics

July 22, 2020

Female Dancehall artist Shenseea has taken to her social media with a new photo which has sparked the interesting assumptions of many fans leading them to form various self concluded theories.

The new picture features Shenseea in jeans shorts well fitted to her cut exposing what many fans are saying to be a bigger rear. The photo showed where there might have been a few additional inches to the “Blessed” artist’s bottom and people have already been raising questions seeking answers to the spontaneous changes.


Since recently the artist has been observed to be posting images and videos of herself going to the Gym which many understand to be a coping mechanism she has put into place since the recent passing of her mother therefore many are saying that the extra inches on her package came as a result of her workout.

Some however are running with a different story suggesting that Shenseea might have done a body surgery for the added size of her bottom due to the drastic changes from what they knew Shenseaa to previously have.

See The Picture that went viral about her enlarged ass below.

None of the rumours are yet to be confirmed by the artist but fans are indeed on their toes waiting for the first word from Shenseea about the changes.

Earlier Shenseea posted “Waist and thigh trimmer from”




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