Diddy Kicks, Drags and Shoves Cassie in Newly Released Footage – Watch Video

Friday, May 17, 2024, 1:26 PM

A 2016 surveillance video obtained by CNN shows Sean “Diddy” Combs, now 54 years old, engaging in a violent altercation with his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. The footage, captured in a California hotel, depicts Diddy grabbing, shoving, dragging, and kicking Cassie in a shocking display of aggression.


The incident, which took place at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles, had not been reported to the authorities at the time. Law enforcement sources informed TMZ that there is no record of this incident in police logs, suggesting it was never officially documented or reported.


The video’s release coincides with Cassie’s recent lawsuit against Diddy, in which she details the alleged abuse she endured during their relationship. The lawsuit has brought renewed attention to the troubling dynamics of their past relationship and the severe nature of the abuse Cassie claims to have suffered.


As shown in the video, Cassie seemingly was about to exit the hotel when Diddy chased her down and assaulted her before dragging her back to the direction they both came from.

Diddy’s abuse of Cassie is not an isolated incident in the context of their tumultuous relationship. Cassie’s lawsuit paints a harrowing picture of sustained physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The 2016 video now serves as a stark, visual confirmation of the violence described in her legal filings, providing tangible evidence to support her claims.

See the video below:

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