Diddy Said “Time tells truth” Shortly Before Released Video With Cassie

Saturday, May 18, 2024, 9:30 AM

Two days before the viral video featuring him and his former partner Cassie Ventura surfaced, Diddy cryptically stated, “time tells truth.” This assertion seems to underscore his belief in his exoneration. However, things have taken a crazy twist since that statement as the 54-year-old finds himself at the center of more intense scrutiny following the release of the video.

In a recent public statement via social media, he unequivocally declared, “I am innocent of the allegations against me.” Notably, the music mogul’s response to the accusations before the leaked video has been both firm and defiant, he is yet to personally comment on the latest revelations.


The viral video with Cassie added a new layer to the narrative. As the clip circulated online on Friday, it drew significant attention, prompting various reactions, including from Cassie’s husband, Alex Fine. The personal trainer and father took to Instagram to share his thoughts, coupling his message with a powerful call to action.

Fine’s statement emphasized the importance of creating a safe environment for women and girls, reflecting a deep concern for the well-being of his family and others affected by domestic violence. In his post, Fine wrote, “Wrote this awhile back but the words ring true not just today but everyday. I want my kids and every kid to live in a world that’s safe for women and girls, protects them and treats them as equals.”

The caption continues, “To the women and children, you’re not alone, and you are heard. if you need help call the domestic violence hotline at (800) 799-7233.” Check out his statement below:

Adding to the complexity of the situation, rapper Meek Mill recently expressed his support for Diddy, referencing his own experiences with false media narratives. In April, Meek Mill vehemently dismissed the accusations against Diddy, sharing his scepticism about the veracity of such claims.

“I don’t believe no Diddy story once they lied about me now!” Meek Mill asserted, highlighting the detrimental effects of rumours on his family, particularly his 12-year-old son.

In the court of public opinion, where narratives are shaped and reshaped with each passing moment, the statement “time tells truth” serves as a poignant reminder. Whether it will vindicate Diddy or further implicate him remains to be seen.

Many people have been asking why Diddy has not been arrested, however, the statement below was shared in relation to the matter, notably, it was also reshared by 50 Cent who has been trolling Diddy online.

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