“Digicel the BIGGER BETTER Extortionist” Can’t Make A Call With $592… Digicel Rant! [Video]

Saturday, April 27, 2019, 8:27 PM GMT-5

It does get annoying when one has credit on their phone but still can’t make a call because it has been so-called expired. In this video, Teach explains his personal experience with the service and what he thinks about it.

“you can not make this call as your service as expired as a lack of activity, please add credit now to make this call” Digicel service users are told this on a regular, well if you don’t add credit frequently.


“it hurts me, it irritates me it annoys me” Teach went on to explain that Digicel should not dictate when he should put credit on his phone, “What if you need to make an emergency call?” he asks. “i’m tired of Digicel and their crop” the teacher went on to explain that LIME doesn’t make his credit expire so quickly.

Watch Full Video review about Digicel Jamaica’s service below, titled “Digicel the BIGGER BETTER Extortionist”.

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