Ding Dong addresses Silent Ravaz Gay Rumours to Foota Hype – Video

Dancehall dancing superstar Ding Dong decided to sit down with fellow dancehaller Foota Hype on a LIVE CHAT to talk about recent rumours about a member of his crew “Silent Ravers” being gay.

According to Ding Dong he has helped over 30 youths to travel to foreign over the years and he can’t control what every crew member does.


Ding Dong in making his point, reminds Foota Hype that Foota himself usually pick-up “Silent Ravers” to go to events in the USA.

Foota in the live chat pressed Ding Dong to answer if the estrange dancer was booted from his Ravers camp, Ding Dong ended up confirming that he removed the dancer from his crew after initially hesitating to let to say so on the live chat.

Ding also noted that Silent was around him for a while and did not show any signs of being a homosexual and all of this came as a surprise to him.

During the conversation Ding mentioned several times to Foota that he could have called him and the two of them talk about the mater over the phone and he did not want to explain himself on social media.

Watch the entire interview below.



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