Ding Dong Says There Is No Feud With Marvin and Nickeisha

[Sharingbuttons]Ding Dong has denied the allegations of a feud with his ravers clavers crew and fellow dancers DHQ Nickeisha and Marvin The Beast.

DHQ Nickeisha recently called out the ravers on her Instagram alleging that she and her partner Marvin were threatened and promised ‘gunshots” by members of the crew,…claim Ding Dong refuted.


“Ding Dong and the Ravers don’t have no feud or arguments with nobody in the music industry or people that are a part of the dancehall,” Ding Dong told the Star. “We don’t have no problem with nobody whatsoever, so I don’t know what is that she (Nickeisha) talking about.”

Ding Dong also cast aside the argument that his crew might be giving trouble behind his back. “That cannot be possible. The only thing we do as Ravers is spread positivity and love through we dancing and we music,” he said.

DHQ Nickeisha Says She Was ‘Threatened’ By Ravers Dancers,…”Mee Unuh A Offer Shot”

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