Ding Dong, The King of Dancehall Dancing Songs

Thursday, July 12, 2018, 8:45 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Ding Dong is having the best year he has ever had since his career started, as three of his songs are number 1 trending songs on Youtube . They are the hottest dance songs playing in the world now it seems. They have even crossed over into the Soca world and the Hip Hop lovers have started gravitating towards his songs as well.

Syvah, Fling, Flairs in the Air, Genna Bounce , these are some of the dance songs that Ding Dong has used to transform not only his but the lives of many dancers from the Ghetto. The entertainer spoke about living in the Ghetto even though it was not always easy because of his success; but Ding Dong is determined to help as much of the youth in his community as possible.


Ding Dong has always been doing songs for Summer time aand now he signing deals with big companies like Grace Kennedy and other companies as brand ambassador. He is looking forward to giving the Sumfest patrons a lot to talk about this year, with the Ravers Clavers dancers who will be dancing when he performs.

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