Disturbing Videos On Woman’s Phone Leads To Assault From Angry Boyfriend

Sunday, October 24, 2021, 11:53 AM

A man was slapped with multiple charges which includes assault occasioning bodily harm, simple larceny and unlawful wounding after appearing before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish court for an altercation that took place between him and his girlfriend after he reportedly saw some very disturbing photos in her phone resulting in the man destroying the cellphone.

The accused man is Davion Watt, and he pleaded guilty to all charges laid on him when he went before the court on Tuesday.


It was reported by the complainant that on the night the incident had occurred, she was sleeping, only to feel Watt hit her in the head twice with her cellphone which led to her waking from the slumber. She then told the judge that her boyfriend proceeded to remove the memory card from his girlfriend’s phone and put it in his device, after which he began to watch videos she had on the storage card.

According to what was told to the court, Watt was displeased with the sight of what he beheld In the videos and was reported to hit the complainant afterwards, causing injury to her index finger as well as bruising the female’s body.

In outlining his fraction of the story, Watt spoke to the fact that the incident occurred on his return from a party when someone called him on a private number and gave him instructions to investigate his girlfriend’s phone.

The man said he proceeded to place the female’s memory card in his phone which led him to explore the contents contained on the card and according to Watt, what was seen had caused him to become upset leading to the argument that developed between the two.

It was at that time that the man said his girlfriend responded to his actions by fetching a knife, a stool and later a pair of scissors she got from off the dresser. According to the man, his hand was what was used to hit his girlfriend and not the cellphone as she claimed, with him further explaining that the only reason that occurred was due to her having a knife.

The female’s phone was also destroyed in the process, which Watt admitted he did after seeing the videos on the memory card he was not happy about and did not want to see over and over again.

According to the report made by the complainant, the storage card was not returned by the man after the phone was damaged; however, he claimed that it was placed back in the same phone but he “Did not want to go there”.

With hopes of a settlement between the two parties, the judge presiding over the court session asked the couple if they were willing to try the approach of meditation to work things out however, while Watt was happy to say yes there was no answer from the female.

In consequence of his actions, Watt was charged $100,000 by the judge and to desist from having any contact with the female complainant.

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