DJ Khaled Links up With Koffee in Jamaica, Shoots Video for ‘Khaled Khaled’ with Migos and H.E.R

Sunday, April 11, 2021, 9:19 AM

When DJ Khaled gets artistes together to do a new project, the combination has always resulted in a hit. Even though he finds the least expected pairing sometimes, but he makes it work effortlessly. The very successful producer has been island hopping for a number of weeks as he spends time with his family while he is working on his new album Khaled Khaled. He is now in one of his favourite spots – Jamaica – with two of the biggest acts in the industry at the moment.

Hours ago Khaled posted an image of himself and Koffee and while he did not say much, Jamaicans are anticipating that she will be part of his project as well.


Fans are in a tizzy after seeing R&B singer H.E.R and rap group Migos fly in to join the producer, the prospect of this collaboration looks good. One fact that is well known is that DJ Khaled has made some bangers, whenever he flies to Jamaica to make a record.

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The hitmaker shared a number of video clips while he was on the beach in Jamaica with Migos and H.E.R. and he warned the paparazzi that photos of them would not come cheap, in a clip. The group was hanging out on a property in a remote area of the island where there was no one else around but a crew, and most likely there was also a security team considering the expensive jewellery that the Migos were sporting.

DJ Khaled hinted at new songs with the artists in the short clips he used to promote the upcoming album, as usual. He also made sure to emphasize the suggestion that it was more than one track when he told the singer, “Vocals sound amazing”. 

H.E.R. collaborated on some records with Grammy-nominated artist Skip Marley before, and she seemingly is right in her element as she strolls on the beach with Khaled. This isn’t her first visit to the island, but a trip with DJ Khaled will surely make this the most memorable stay for her.

On the other hand, for Migos this is the first visit to the destination which is known as the playground for many celebrities. It would be good if they could get the opportunity to try a real Jamaican patty and coco bread fresh out of the oven after getting a taste in Brooklyn in 2019. DJ Khaled is good at hosting, and his top-tier chef from Spanish Town will certainly make sure they get tasty food that will leave them wanting to migrate to the flavourful island.

The album features new music from H.E.R. and Migos just adds another level of anticipation for their fans. Fans are already excited about the thought of having the soulful vocals and trap goodness that is coming. Khaled Khaled is 97.9% done now, according to the producer who has not disclosed his various Caribbean destinations until now.

Since he arrived in Jamaica this week, he linked up with his brother Buju Banton and reggae veteran Capleton already, they were seen laying vocals for the record. DJ Khaled promised a special album, he says everything is “top secret,” and it seems as though he will make good on his promise as always.

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