DMX Versus Snoop Dogg

Due to battle big time at the versus competition held by Swiss Beats and Timbaland are DMX and Snoop Dogg and social media fans are already creating a frenzy about the faceoff that is due for Wednesday the 22nd of July.

Initially, DMX wanted to battle Jayz but it seemed as if that battle was not forthcoming so instead Snoop Dogg was selected to be his opponent.


DMX mentioned that it was all in the celebration of the music as while Jay-Z might have been DMX’s biggest rival the artist made it known that he knew Jay-z had good songs. 

The battle will be aired on the digital platforms of Apple music and Instagram where Snoop Dogg has already made posts in a jokingly way. 

Since the post has been made, the fans of both artists have erupted on social media with positive feedback for both artists, showing high expectations for the show due to start soon.

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