Do Jamaicans Need to Stop Worshiping Clarks so Much?

Friday, October 6, 2023, 7:16 AM

Before the epic collaboration between Dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, and Gaza Slim for their hit single Clarks, the Clarks brand has been a staple in Jamaican footwear. No matter the gender or age group, Jamaicans revere Clarks as a must-have piece of footwear, a fashion statement, and even a measure of wealth depending on how many Clarks are owned by a single person.

Clarks shoes have been popular on the island for several decades and over the years from time to time we hear about fights or arguments being started after someone steps on another’s Clarks.



Even more than the typical white shoes, people tend to get very heated whenever another individual step on their expensive Clarks shoes, whether Wallabee, Desert, Bank Robber, et cetra.

Almost a week ago, a Jamaican schoolboy was rushed to the hospital by some of his friends after he stepped on a schoolmate’s Clarks shoe and was beaten severely. A few days following, a similar incident happened again as a female student was ganged and beaten for stepping on another schoolmate’s shoes.

Clarks Originals had posted a video on their TikTok account with the caption, “Our worst nightmare…,” with the video being posted over a month before the incidents in Jamaica.

The short video featured two individuals wearing Clarks (white and green) and one of them stepped on the other’s shoe and walked away. With the voiceover stating, “Don’t cry” multiple times, the person in the white Clarks bends over to clean their shoe.

Watch the video below:


After what happened with the school children, some of the Jamaicans in the comment section could not make light of the video. Star stated, “My eye twitching rn as a Jamaican watching this ….,” while Dayyy.javu💕 wrote, “The same caption lead to somebody being in hospital.”

Read more comments below:

Notably, some persons also highlighted that the brand is very popular in Jamaica yet there is not an official Clarks store on the island, pointing out that Jamaicans are too crazy over a brand that is not crazy over them.


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