Nurse Ganged by Jamaican Students After She Attacked One of Them – Watch Video

A big brawl broke out at a high school locally when a woman attempted to confront a schoolgirl, allegedly about a man. The fight that erupted on the school compound was captured right before the woman, who is said to be a nurse, was ganged by a swarm of female students.

According to the individual who shared the video online, the nurse went to the school, which appears to be Jose Marti High in St. Catherine, to “beat up a student who allegedly is dating her partner.”



The video began with the woman being hauled away from a large crowd of students towards a gate. While seemingly being dragged off the school’s premises by two girls, the woman was yelling at someone inside the crowd.

Just as the girls managed to pull her through the gate, the woman broke free and ran towards the students, which was when the chaos began.

One schoolgirl kicked the woman, resulting in a fight that included the schoolgirl attempting to stab the woman with something. The very moment the fight started, a ton of female students rushed towards the woman, hitting her.

The nurse made attempts to fight them off, but she was greatly outnumbered and ended up on the ground. The woman was eventually rescued by a man who shoved the girls away.

Watch the video of the fight below:


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