Doctors Remove Metal Cup From Indian Man’s Stomach – Watch Video

Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 7:07 AM GMT-5

A man from India had doctors captivated as they removed a steel cup from his stomach, which they believe was initially inserted through his rectum.

According to the New York Post, the man, identified as a labourer from the Maharajganj district in northern India, had seen multiple doctors after experiencing stomach pains for several days. No treatment that he received appeared to be working, but he was finally diagnosed by Dr Lal Bahadur Siddharth of the Siddharth hospital in Jaunpur.

After conducting an x-ray on the labourer, Dr Siddharth made quite a stunning discovery when he found that contained within the man’s stomach was a cup. The patient was subsequently rushed to surgery on August 6.

In the short video clip of the procedure, a group of enthralled medical practitioners is seen surrounding the operating doctors and the patient as a large steel cup is removed from an incision in his stomach. The doctors theorize that the cup reached the man’s stomach after being inserted into his rectum.

Reports from the Post also state that the labourer had previously become heavily intoxicated while in the company of three strangers after returning from a grocery store. By the time he regained his sobriety, the individuals were gone. Doctors are not yet sure if he inserted the object himself or if he was assaulted.

According to reports, the man has recovered well since his surgery.

Warning Graphic Content. Watch procedure below.

Video- New York Post

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