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Thursday, May 20, 2021, 7:23 PM

No — shaving hair would not alternate its thickness, color, or rate of growth. Shaving facial or body hair offers the hair a blunt tip. The tip would possibly experience coarse or “stubbly” for a time as it grows out. During this phase, the hair might be more critical and perhaps seem darker or thicker — but it is no longer.

In case you be aware of a surprising increase in facial or body hair, talk to your physician. This will be a medication facet effect or a sign of an underlying scientific situation. Your doctor might also provide advice approximately numerous hair-elimination techniques.


Shaving your hair — irrespective of what part of your frame — doesn’t imply the hair will develop back quicker or thicker.

This delusion’s roots may be tied to the truth that hair regrowth can appearance distinct in the beginning.

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Unshaven hair has a more refined, blunter tip. While you experience hair regrowth, you’ll see the coarser base and not the softer, thinner part to sooner or later grow returned (if you let it get that way).

New hair may additionally look darker. This is partly because of its thickness, but it could also be because the new hair hasn’t yet been exposed to natural elements. Sun exposure, soaps, and other chemical compounds can all lighten your hair.

The darkish color of hair regrowth may also be tremendous great than you’re familiar with. If you have lighter pores and skin, you can note new hairs, even extra. This all has to do with the shade assessment. It isn’t attributed to the shaving method whatsoever.

The hair growth cycle

To extra correctly debunk this fable, it’s essential to analyze the levels of hair increase. It takes about one month for body hair to reach its entire period. This is why frame hair is a lot shorter than the hair in your head.

Hair gets its start in hair follicles, which might be located underneath the pores and skin. The roots of your hair are formed with the help of proteins and blood.

As hair paperwork from its roots, it passes via the follicles in addition to sebaceous glands. Sebum (oil) produced in the glands helps preserve your hair lubricated as it grows longer. As soon as your hair exits the pores and skin’s floor, its cells are not alive.

While you shave, you’re cutting off lifeless hair at the surface of the skin. Since shaving doesn’t do away with hair below the pores and skin like other hair elimination techniques do, it’s not possible with a view to affecting its coloration, thickness, or price of increase.

How to shave properly

To set yourself up for a safe and proper shave, comply with those steps:

1.         Moist your skin first.

2.         Practice a shaving gel or lotion to help guard your pores and skin from nicks and cuts.

3.         Shave with the direction of herbal hair increase, no longer against.

4.         Keep away from shaving too fast or urgent the razor too difficult against your skin.

5.         Use disposable razors or sparkling blades. Stupid razors can result in infection and cuts.

6.         Rinse your skin with cool water to reduce inflammation and inflammation.

7.         Apply a moisturizer or aftershave lotion.

Whether you’re shaving your face, legs, or different components of your frame, there are guidelines to consider for every region that will help you get the satisfactory consequences viable with fewer facet outcomes.


While shaving your face, wash it first before making use of shaving gel or cream. You can also use cleaning soap. Make sure to gently float the razor towards the skin inside the direction that your hair grows.

Arms and legs

Your legs and arms are large areas that could have more excellent curves, which may be at risk of nicks and cuts.

While shaving your arms and legs, you may prevent ingrown hairs and zits via exfoliating ahead. You could use a mild exfoliating bath gel, a loofah, or maybe a washcloth.

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