Dog Chased By Gorillas While Trapped Inside Gorilla Enclosure

A stray dog feared for his life after he wandered into the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where he became trapped and, eventually, was chased by the gorillas. The dog captured the attention of the zoo’s visitors, who were all worried about the canine being harmed.

The chase can be seen on a video that was captured by the anxious audience as they made attempts to guide the dog out of the enclosure. When the running ended, both species stared each other down, and the gorilla heaved dirt at the dog.

The zoo officials have reported that the canine somehow snuck into the gorilla habitat on Sunday. The dog was luckily freed when the zoo attendants moved the gorilla, and the officers from the San Diego County Humane Society safely went inside the habitant and carried him out.

The San Diego Humane Society released a statement on Twitter informing the public of the canine’s status with a picture of him inside of his cage.

The Tweet made on June 13 read, “ The dog is a male shepherd, with no microchip. He has been placed on stray hold at our Escondido Campus, as we search for his owner. Animal Caregivers gave the dog a name of “Mighty Joe Young.” We are so glad no one was hurt.”

Another tweet on the same day added that the “Humane Officer Brandt”, who helped rescue the dog, visited the shelter. The female officer can be seen in a video walking Mighty Joe Young, who is doing good.

The Humane Society is hopeful the dog’s owner will reach out to Escondido Campus to be reunited with their pet.

Watch the video of the dog trapped in the gorilla enclosure below.

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