Viral Video Showing Woman Taunting Lions At Same St. Elizabeth Zoo

Another video is circulating in the media which shows a female who works at the Jamaica zoo, in the parish of St. Elizabeth in Jamaica. Taunting two lions by placing her fingers inside their cage while also beating it in an attempt to get a reaction from them.

Many social media users have since drawn comparisons to that of a recent video of a male employee at the same Zoo, whose finger was bitten off by a lion while exhibiting the same behaviour as the female.


The video of the female provoking the lions can be seen below:

Scores of comments have since flooded the reshared video on Twitter, with persons having mixed reviews on the matter. Some persons have expressed outrage at the inhumane treatment of the wild animals who are taken from their natural habitat and locked in cages at zoos, while others find the act quite amusing.

Some of the comments can be seen below:

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