Woman Banned From Zoo After Having 4 Year Relationship With Chimpanzee

A genuine love entanglement between a Belgian woman and a Chimpanzee has been disrupted after zookeepers decided to disallow her from seeing the animal after they noticed she was pouring out too much affection to the Chimp.

TMZ captured the story where they showed a video of her sadly, speaking in her native language about how unfair it is for the zoo to stop her from seeing the male chimp who was given the name Chita.

According to the reports, there was no sexual intercourse between the woman whose name is Adie Timmerman and Chita, however, the reason why the Zookeepers made such a decision, was the fact that the woman visited the animal every week, spending time with him even behind the glass.

The zookeepers noticed that the Chimpanzee was very antisocial after visiting hours, and attributed the behaviour to the special four-year relationship it had with the woman.

Chita is also reported to have been a per before being a part of the zoo, so it seems as If humans mean a lot to him. What is sure, however, is that the Chimpanzee means a lot to Timmerman who spoke about the situation as if it was her life.

She admitted to having an affair with the animal and stated that they took away joy.

Watch as the woman spoke on the matter below.

Learn more from the report below.

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