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2 Dogs Playing Hide and Seek [Video]

Check out this very unusual video clip, A big German and an adorable little dog friend have the time of their lives playing a very competitive game of hide and seek in the living room. The couch and a chair serve as a suitable Playground.

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Man Plays With Friendly Crocodile in Black River [Video]

One of the most friendly crocodile that you’ll ever see. In this rare sighting, a Jamaican tour guide calls a crocodile then hold onto it’s hand after it got close enough. The big crocodile showed no sign of aggression which is very rare. Watch the full video clip below RELATED …

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Gorillas not Sticking Around To Get Wet [Video]

A pack of Gorillas at a South Carolina zoo left their guests behind as they head for shelter from the rain. While entertaining tourists inside their enclosure, one Gorilla made a dash first then the others followed suit. Good Move, if they get wet its much harder for them to …

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