Big Crocodile Caught by Residents in Seaview Gardens – Watch Video

Residents in Seaview Gardens, St. Andrew, captured a large crocodile on land. Footage of the reptile was shared online, showing the residents of the Falcon community cautiously keeping their distance.

In the video, the crocodile can be seen with its mouth open and strings wrapped around its body, while its back is turned to the residents.

Based on the discussion in the video, the residents found a female crocodile walking on the road and managed to capture it. While the footage was posted on Wednesday to Youtube, the exact date of the incident remains unclear.

According to witnesses, the crocodile was likely searching for her eggs, which were apparently destroyed or eaten by a man who discovered them one night.

Concerned residents fetched water and poured it on the reptile to prevent dehydration. The resident who filmed the incident via a live stream noted that there are multiple crocodiles living in the Sandy Gully stream, which he claimed ends in their community.

According to him, these crocodiles often emerge from the stream and roam the land. He also mentioned instances where the crocodiles capture and eat pigs that come to drink from the stream.

Watch the video of the crocodile below:

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