Scary Sight: Crocodile Spotted on The Roadside in Jamaica “Yow a Killa That!” – Watch Video

Friday, February 9, 2024, 7:55 AM

Crocodiles in Jamaica now and then emerge into the open where they are visible to the public, attracting attention wherever they appear. These crocodile sightings are often filmed and shared online, allowing others to witness the reptiles freely roaming Jamaica’s wetland areas.

A seemingly new crocodile sighting was shared online on Thursday. The video captures the reptile maintaining a motionless stance on the side of the road. With its jaws agape, displaying its teeth, the crocodile attracts the attention of a group of people travelling in a vehicle.


The onlookers can be heard expressing their surprise at seeing the crocodile, commenting on its stillness and also the potential danger it presents. Based on the voices in the video, it seems as if at least one tourist was among the onlookers.

“watch how di ting big… Bombocl**t, ting swalla eh wulla yuh… Yow a killa dat. If him wull nuh weh pan yuh, yuh get f**k,” One man said.

Additionally, a woman’s voice asks if the crocodile is alive, prompting a man to playfully repeat the question, which sparks laughter among the group. The onlookers also discuss taking a closer look at the crocodile before the video ends.

Watch the video of the crocodile below:

After the video was shared on Instagram, one viewer said, “Mi jus tek mi time put een bk mi foot and close the door😂😂.” Another viewer stated, “Mumma need fi go find out if him alive😂😂😂😂.”

Read more of the comments below:

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