Wild Crocodile Captured on the Streets of St. Ann – Watch Videos and See Photos

Saturday, October 28, 2023, 2:00 PM

A large wild crocodile was captured on the streets of St. Ann as the endangered animal continues to roam freely in Jamaica and turn up at unsuspecting locations.



In a video circulating online, one man can be seen attempting to capture the crocodile at the side of the street.

The individual tried to slowly lower a yellow rope around the animal’s head with a stick to keep his distance from the animal.

The crocodile had its mouth open, prepared for the defensive, and snapped at the man, forcing him to jump back.

However, the crocodile was later captured and safely relocated to a wetland by a team of specialists.


According to a member of the team, though crocodiles live along the north coast in small, isolated populations, this is the first official report for St. Ann.

The crocodile may have found himself on the roadside after travelling from a pond to the sea.


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