WILD: Jaguar Skilfully Catches a Crocodile Underwater – Watch Video

Jaguars are known to be great swimmers, to the point where they are remarkable hunters underwater. Not many people get to witness this in action, but a group of men were lucky enough to see a jaguar fish for a crocodile inside a murky river.

The incident happened while the men were aboard a boat, closely watching a jaguar approaching the water from a river bank surrounded by lush vegetation. The Jaguar stealthily made its way into the water and submerged behind some plants floating on the surface.


Shortly after, the water rustled, signalling the catch. The Jaguar eventually emerged with the small crocodile that was still struggling to escape from the Jaguar’s jaws.

The video concluded not long after the big cat was seen carrying it back to the river bank.

Watch the video of the Jaguar below:


The men on the boat who recorded the incident were just as impressed as the many internet users who watched the clip.

One viewer expressed, “This is more impressive since the water is alligators territory..The cat literally goes in his territory and pulls him out.”

Another viewer reacted by saying, “This and the tiger are the real kings of the jungle. Lions can’t even take down a crocodile.

See more comments below:


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