BIG Crocodile Spotted in Seaview Gardens – Watch Videos

Residents in Seaview Gardens spotted a large Crocodile swimming inside murky waters.

The residents, two males, watched the croc and recorded it passing through the area unbothered by their presence.


The videos were shared online, showing the creature swimming atop the water while the amazed residents discussed not being seen by the croc and its size.

“Dah croc deh big yuh f**k,” the cameraman stated in astonishment. The cameraman also told his associate, who said the animal was his cousin, to take a dip in the water.

The man responded, “Yuh mussi mad…we a cousin but we a nuh fren.”

Their conversation went on to them discussing whether or not the Crocodile had ever eaten any human judging by its size. The associate informed the cameraman that the animal had only eaten fish.

Watch the videos of the Crocodile below:


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