Massive 10ft Crocodile Tied Up and Displayed on the Streets of Jamaica – Watch Video

Pandemonium and excitement broke out on the streets of New Heaven in Jamaica following the capture of a massive crocodile. The large crocodile was tied up, making it motionless as a large gathering of bystanders took pictures and screamed with astonishment at the predator’s size.

While the crowd grew, two men are seen in the video measuring the size of the crocodile with a tape measure; based on their calculations, they said the animal measured around 10ft.

There were members of the group that gathered around the creatures and touched the animal’s back, as the skin of these creatures is used for creating clothing by humans. A woman also reacted to the length of the animal by yelling, ‘Ten feet a crocs.”

The crocodile was placed on the roadside, seemingly, for public viewing; the video did not show how the animal ended up on the road tied up with a cord and what seems like some form of net.

However, it is unclear if the crocodile was alive as it remained motionless for the entirety of the video posted by this_is_a_blast via Instagram. In Jamaica, it is against the law to harm endangered species, which includes crocodiles.

See the video below:


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