Large Crocodile Spotted Somewhere in Jamaica “Not Even E One Dem a Hope Garden Big Suh” – Watch Video

Footage of a very large crocodile in Jamaican waters was captured by a few individuals who marvelled over its length and size. The video was allegedly taken by a group of people who had gone out one night to hunt for crabs.

Standing on what appeared to be a small bridge, the camera was facing the water while someone else shone a light in the direction of the crocodile who was rather still. It seemed as if they were forewarned about the presence of the creature because someone said, “So when di man did a talk a nuh joke ting him did deh pan.”

The people in the background of the video proceeded to talk over each other, making several comments like, “See how him big,” “See how him pretty,” “How him long/see how far him gone.” One of the men in the video was asked to shine the light along the outline of the creature so that they could see its length.

Amidst the chatter of the group, an individual said, “Not even e one dem a Hope Garden big suh ennuh,” still stunned by the crocodile’s size. “How mi can make him jump come up yah so,” stated a member of the group, which caused someone to utter an expletive and inquire if the person was “mad.”

Watch the video below:

In the comment section of the post, someone wrote, “Dats y mi nuh go a crab bush a blc,” and another mentioned, “Only in st Thomas 🤦🏾‍♂️ because this white man name Harper raise dem a release dem.”

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