Crocodile Fascinates Onlookers while Swimming in Sea at Port Royal – Watch Video

Jamaica is populated with crocodiles, and there are many sightings of them across the island.

People have been sharing different sightings of the reptiles on social media, and in one of the most recent sightings, a crocodile was spotted swimming in the sea at Port Royal yesterday.

A video emerged showing the reptile having a swim in the turquoise water while onlookers were heard speaking about him in the background.

The unbothered crocodile moved slowly in the water, and one bystander pointed out the sharp white teeth the reptile possessed.

Watch the video of the crocodile below:


In reaction to the video, viewers spoke about how the sightings have gotten more frequent, with one individual asking, “Weh so much ah them forward from all of sudden?” and another saying, “Look like a fi dem time now every minute dem ina di media 😂……”

Meanwhile, one viewer expressed, “I give up swimming. Me good.”

See more comments below:

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