Woman Exposes Man for Stealing Her Pitbull and Hiding it at Secret Location “Dah Bwoy yah thief mi dog!” – Watch Video

A disgruntled Jamaican dog owner decided to capture footage as she and two others took a man who reportedly stole her pitbull to the location where he hid the pet. The one minute and twenty-three seconds long video has the words “Dod thief caught” along with a Jamaica flog as the caption.

According to one of the females in the video, the estranged male stole the dog with the intention to “sell” the pet whose name is Nina. “Look weh di bwoy carry mi dog guh hide mi dog… come Nina!” the owner of the dog stated after seeing the dog appear from behind some rocks close to the ocean.


It’s unclear when the incident took place, however, it took place in Jamaica. The footage was shared by @trelawny_trending top Insatygram on Wednesday. Check out the footage that is now making rounds online below:

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