WATCH: Shark Caught in Westmoreland

Jamaica seems to have met its quota for annual shark sightings in Western Jamaica, as around this time last year, a small shark was also caught in St. Elizabeth at Treasure Beach.

The newest video footage, said to have been taken some days ago in Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland, shows a small shark being dragged to shore by a man as bystanders watched and asked questions.


According to the footage, it can be assumed that someone was fishing when they captured the shark because of the fishing boat that the shark was being dragged away from by its tail fin, to which a rope was attached.

The shark could be heard making soft mewling sounds as the people around clamoured to get a better look and take pictures and videos of the animal. One woman even asked, “Him two year- him a how much years old?”

Watch the video below:

The comment section of the post where the video was uploaded to Instagram seemed to be just as curious about the shark and a woman pointed out, “Not the lady weh a ask ‘him a how much ears old?'” while another stated, “Why me swear him a say mama, mama.”

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