Dog Paw’s Mother Wants Him Back In Church

Now that the son of 62-year-old Claris Senior is free, she only has one wish for him and that is to come back to church. According to the woman who is the mother of Christopher Linton, otherwise known as “Dog Paw”, her now freed son grew up in church, and even got baptised at the age of 10.

She explained to the Jamaica Star, who caught up with her recently that Linton, was also a member of the Jesus Christ United Faith Apostolic church choir, and was even one of its liveliest members.


Dog Paw was recently freed by the court of Appeal, from a 15-year sentence he got several years ago when he was accused of shooting after two policemen in Tavern Drive, St. Andrew.

He was also accused of several other criminal activities including being the head of a gang, that ran heavy extortions and drove fear into people.

Even though there might be a stigma surrounding Dog Paw, his mother hopes that there can be a turn around for him and further prays for his return to church.

She also said that since the time of Linton’s arrest to his freedom, she has engaged in countless prayers and fasting for the freedom of her son.

Dog Paw was freed last week with by the Court of Appeal along with his co-accused.

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