Don Calls for the Death of 100 men in August Town

Sunday, March 25, 2018, 6:28 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Not so long ago August Town was celebrating a year when there was no murder in the community. However, since the start of 2018, the residence has been on edge as there have been multiple murders in the community.

There has been a rumor that a Don in the area said he wants100 men killed in the area, as a reprisal for his son’s murdered last year. 


It is reported that the police inspector for the area Stephen Taylor believes that the rumor is not to be believed, there is no evidence to prove that anything like that was said. The police understand the problem in the area and believe the rumor is connected to a scare tactic used when people want land, as the ongoing feud in the community has been about land. 

Reprisal killing has gone on in the area before, so anything is possible when people take revenge and kill other people after their loved one has been killed. It took a lot for peace to be found in August Town and we can only hope that things will not go back to where it is coming from.

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