Doniye Mafia Kicks Off 2022 With “Uncommon” Music Video

Young Dancehall artiste Doniye Mafia is making moves in his career and for the year 2022, he has decided to take it to another level with his newest track entitled “Uncommon” which is done in the form of a freestyle.

The track is very unique in itself because it was not done on a regular Dancehall instrumental but a trap instrumental. The witty track was produced by UK producer Reggae Selecta who is popular due to his youtube freestyle program that has featured the likes of Shane-E, Quick Cook, Jahshii, and more.

“Uncommon” starts with Doniye talking about how he does things from the beginning, highlighting his lavish use of money and the fact that he has a lot of eye-catching females around him. He goes on in what you could call verse one of the freestyle by letting it known that he is not afraid to roam any place in his journey to the top because no matter the circumstances, the struggles have only made him greater.

The electric young artiste went in the freestyle, dominating the beat while describing himself as someone who is concerned about his own business and he does not follow anyone but himself.

In his plight for excellence, Doniye Mafia speaks of doing what he does for the life of his daughter and mother while at the same time accumulating all the drips and guns that you could think of. Reminiscing on his journey, the entertainer says he now expresses his feelings by revving out his vehicle on the toll with his Mafia squad.

The very interesting verse then transitions into the chorus, which speaks about him winning all the way and not failing because of bad-mind people. 

In the second verse of the song, Mafia makes it clear in the song that he will never drop a catch and will never catch feelings in the music. Otherwise, the young lyricist says he always keeps protected and on his guard since he is living the life of a real King.

Doniye Mafia is certainly an artiste to keep an eye out for in 2022, since he is bringing a lyrical flare that does not only rhyme but also has a literary potency that is necessary for the music space at this time especially with the new wave of Dancehall artistes such as Skeng, Jahshii, Bayka, Kash Promise Move, and others.

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