Donna-Lee’s Mother, Sophia Lugg Says She Will “Turn Jamaica Upside Down” If She Does Not Get Justice

Monday, August 8, 2022, 4:24 PM

 The sharp outcry “Justice for Donna-Lee” continues to echo throughout the island, while her mother, Sophia Lugg, promises to rain hell if her daughter is not returned.

A strong message from a heartbroken mother who is yet to find her missing 24-year-old daughter was directed to the Jamaica Constabulary Force members who are accused of being involved. The message was written and posted on Facebook with what some might call a warning or a threat to Donaldson’s boyfriend, Constable Noel Maitland, who is facing murder charges in her daughter’s disappearance case, and the mother of his child, Constable Kathy-Ann Smith.


The message was accompanied by a photo of Donaldson and her mother together. Miss Lugg declared in the caption that she would not rest until the accused and the mother of his child revealed the location of her daughter.

“Noel and Katty , i will not stop until u both tell me where is my daughter Donna!!!! Katty how would u feel to wake up tomorrow and your baby girl is gone?????” Miss Lugg asked. “Noel how would u feel hearing that your one n only sister has disappeared in the wind????? Judgment is at your doorstep, tell me where you both put my daughter for the last time, tell me where is my Donna, karma is a bitch. I will turn jamaica upside down if i don’t get Justice for my baby girl… No Justice No Peace.”

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