DOUBLE STANDARD? Service With OVER 15 People Including PM Holness – Video

Many Jamaican are left feeling some type of way after footage surfaced with prime minister Andrew Holness and others taking part in a memorial service for Ambassador Johnson. In the footage released, over 15 people can be seen at the gathering which according to the Disaster Risk Management Act is illegal.

After seeing the footage, one person stated “This government is full it to another level!” while another commented “So we Jamaicans are stupid? so because the body was excluded from the service you can have more than 30 persons at a gathering”. Check out the video report on the matter from TVJ News below.


Last week scores of party goers from all over the world breached the Jamaica Covid-19 restrictions when they turned up at Mochafest at Rick’s Café in Negril Westmoreland, causing the entertainment venue to lose its Covid-19 Compliant Certificate. Days ago, after learning of Rick’s Cafe huge event several dancehall artistes and media personnels took to social media to point out that this was a prime example of double standard.

Bounty took to his Instagram, tagged prime minister Andrew Holness and said the following “Unuh charged the pastor lady and also kingbeeniemanwho is a true ambassador for country and its culture we had problem with that but lets see what’s gonna happen to Rick’s Cafe now if is a triple standard thing a gwaan?”

See the rest of his statement below.

On the other hand Beenie Man took to his Instagram also to make light of the unfair happenings. According to Beenie Man it would appear that his “apology was not good enough” he went on to point out that he’s not above the law, but some people are. see below.

Since 2021, hundreds of persons have been arrested at illegal events across the island.



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