Dovey Magnum Disses Skeng, Spice, Jada Kingdom, Shaneil Muir, Ishawna, DJ Lava, World Dawg ETC In Twitter Rant

Dancehall singer Dovey Magnum went on a Twitter rant hurling insults at fellow dancehall entertainers Skeng, Spice, Jada Kingdom, Shaneil Muir and Ishawna, as well as DJ Lava, Mackerel, World Dawg and King MixUp, for what seems to be a clout chasing tactic.

The “Bawl Out” singer made a series of tweets, which seems to have since been deleted, but were quickly caught by the YouTuber KingMixUp, who took a few shots back at her for Tweets targeted at him.


Aiming at Spice, Dovey said, “Spice cya keep nuh man eno”.

She added, “Wey e Rasta Dey watch Rasta watch love Spice come we reason suh all a long u neva happy auntie! Wey e love gone jah jah.”

Dovey, also throws shade at Jada Kingdom and made reference to the drug rumours that were in circulation some months ago while adding Skeng’s recent drug rumours into the mix.

“Smaddy go knock pon jada door Deh if Shi have nu more Coke left or Skengg Tek e.” she tweeted.

Going off on the “Top Gyal” Shaneil Muir, she added a tweet saying, “All you shaneil muir, den u really si dung  or stand up and mek Good Goid drop yuh?”

Not stopping there, Dovey dissed Ishawna as a “hoeshawana” who has a “use out hole” while she asked about the dancehall deejay’s whereabouts.

Dovey’s tweeter fingers did not spear Mackerel or Lava, as she threw a diss at DJ Lava, referring to him as “Suck hood lava” as she asked if he “really scam Tin mackerel”, which comes in the light of Mackerel exposing her former manager to be a trickster who she says used her for his own personal gain.

Dovey took a shot at social media personality and recording artiste Wolrd Dawg, who has recently released two buzzing singles “Knock It” which was dropped in February, and had since surpassed 1 million views on YouTube, as well as “Wah Fi Tap Eh” which was released on May 23.

“All suck hood hero u is a Star You is A moon move yuh Bloodklaat.”

In another Tweet, Dovey called YouTuber King MixUp “Fish mix up” while asking if he owns a bed. She continued dropping shade saying he should say his ABC and went on to state ‘Smaddy look if fish mix up still a Suck hood like brief fe dovey Deh.”

The entertainer was not finished on Twitter as she took to her Instagram to inform her fans that her official Instagram account, which had half a million followers, was removed by someone on the inside working against her. Her current Instagram page, which has over 14000 followers, dates back to December when her official page was verified with a blue tick removed.

In the post that has a picture of a tweet she made stating there was only one Dovey Magnum, she wrote a long caption which includes her saying, “I knew my page being disabled was a inside job ! GOD KNOWS HOW HARD I WORK AND BUILD MY PAGE 📄 WITH ALMOST HALF A MILLION FOLLOWERS! And a verified badge ! I work for all that ! I don’t buy views or followers SMH 😢 go drop da one ☝🏽 tear drop dey!!! I may Bend but I’ll never break a PRAYERS ME USE AND WIN !! 🙏🏽 TO MY FANS CONTINUE GROWING WITH ME !!! 🙌🏾 #fyp #bawloutnation.”

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