Dovey Magnum Reacts to News Surrounding Her Arrest

Friday, May 21, 2021, 10:06 PM GMT-5

Dovey Magnum who was detained by US immigration officials earlier this week took to Instagram to react to one person in particular during her current debacle with ICE. Several news outlets, vlogs and blogs reported the matter, however Dovey whose real name is Simsky Kimberly Harrison felt betrayed by a vlogger she thought was her friend.

Dovey was arrested days after her new management announced her signing.


According to Vlogger Kingmixup, Dovey was possibly reported by her former lover, who was also her manager, “can’t mix business with pleasure” he stated. He also talked about her marriage(s) and surgery.

Dovey Magnum did not take kindly to Kingmixup’s reports and took to Instagram to let everyone know what she feels about him. She wrote “Come off a mi name all yuh do a pick pick pon female wid yuh cigarette 🚬 breath ! Suck yuh mada ! Wull dat !”.

Kingmixup went on to expose several conversations that they had in DMs.

While Dovey gave no details about her matter, it’s said to be similar to that of Foota Hype who is still in the USA after spending some time in a ICE facility, he is currently out, wearing an ankle bracelet.

ICE is short for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and it’s a federal law enforcement agency that focuses on cross-border crime and illegal immigration. 

Harrison was booked along with Dexta Daps to perform at Purity’s All White weekend bash in Florida which starts on Sunday, May 23, however it seems she won’t be making it the show.

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