Dovey Magnum Talks Sex, Music and Spice Drama – Watch Interview

Dancehall artiste Dovey Mangum has opened up about her bedroom activities and left nothing to the imagination. The daring “Bawl Out” singer, who has never been shy to speak her mind, sat with the hosts of The Fix podcast to share her musical experience, her bedroom preferences, and what happened with Spice.

During her conversation, the 42-year-old singer, who is now under Shelly-Ann Curran’s management, touched on several topics, including her newly relaxed way of doing things, which consists of prayer. According to Dovey, prayer has opened doors for her, such as her partnership with Shelly-Ann and her collaboration with Nicki Minaj.


Dovey, born Simsky Kimberly Harrison, explained that when the Trinidad rapper contacted her to do the “Fine Nine Remix,” she immediately went to the studio. Fans can also expect music from Dovey, including more collaborations with prominent international artistes.

She also clarified that she had no hard feelings for Spice regarding the Twitter incident when Spice tweeted about the 2022 “Fine Nine Remix” and tagged all the ladies involved except her, which led her to fire back at the Dancehall Queen.

“At the time a did one a mi duppy dem did just react inna mi…Mi leggo dat, and mi laugh bout it,” she said.

On the topic of her musical career, she explained that she created non-sexual songs, but they failed to get the same recognition as her racy tracks, proving that her fans prefer her raunchy songs.

Dovey, who denied the deportation rumours, opened up about struggling to work during the time when her son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which he eventually overcame after surgery.

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Talking about her sex life, she explained, “Inna my case, a nuh ever hood mi f*ck, mi suck; a nuh every boy get dat.” She went into deeper details about giving oral pleasure to men in different ways and the size she preferred, which apparently is “big” and “cute” with nothing sagging.

Watch Dovey Magnum’s interview below:

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