Dowey Leaked Voice Notes About Queenie Controlling Him “Mi Cyah Deal Wid Dem Bombocl**t Sumn Yah” – Listen

There seems to be trouble brewing in paradise, as leaked voice notes expose Dowey’s discontent with his marriage to Janese Espeut, popularly known as Queenie, Ladi Gangsta. The leaked voice messages come one week after an interview wherein the couple professed their love and strong will to fight for their marriage despite all of their problems. The messages from Dowey to a female, venting his frustration about his marriage, reveal that many things had been left unsaid in the interview.

In the first message, Dowey speaks about his frustration regarding his wife being the type of social media influencer who shares absolutely everything with the public. While explaining that Queenie does not allow them to have a private life, he expressed, “Mi cyah deal wid dem bombocl**t sumn yah, B. And den tru she a bring mi inna it, it’s like mi affi a work unda fi har governance.” He goes on to say that even with the music he is creating, his wife tells him which songs not to do. His voice grows angrier as he continues to utter expletives, saying his wife wants to control him. 

After comparing his wife to “some gyal weh a tek f*ck inna dem h*le how long,” he adds,”Mi can’t even get a youth from her, and right now mi want a youth caz mi can’t even see mi next bombocl**t youth sake a bloodcl**t she.” As the message continues, he apologises to the receiver, whom he calls Carlene, for doing something wrong. Dowey says that while life is unfair, he is learning from his mistakes. Subsequently, he speaks of his relationship before he wedded Queenie. According to the emerging deejay, everything went downhill after the wedding last year, and his wife acted as if he was always at fault. He expresses that he is tired of the arguments.

Later, he makes a statement that seemingly indicates that he is contemplating leaving his wife. “You know a life…From a man put him foot inna one shoes and tie it, him affi know how fi walk inna it…A walk mi deh yah just a walk…Di lace done pull, a jus fi tek it off right now…Caz mi cyah deal wid dis.” He states that if he could reverse time and change everything, he would.

As well as having no friends and no one on his side, he points out that he and his mother now have a distant relationship because of his wife. Another issue he highlighted was that Queenie posted a video of him dancing and entertaining her, which he had told her not to post, but she did so regardless. In the voice notes, Dowey expresses that he believes that he was being too nice and will now take a stern approach.

Listen to the leaked voice notes below.

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