Queenie and Dowey Talk Love, Marriage, and Music – Watch Interview

Social media personality and recording artiste Queen Ladi Gangsta and her husband, Duwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett, have made a lot of headlines for their tumultuous relationship. The couple, who tied the knot last year, have been very open on the internet, from sharing their most loving moments to showing their most heated quarrels.

Following their most recent dispute, Queenie released a song entitled One Man To Mi Goodie featuring her husband, wherein they profess their love and unbreakable bond. Her husband, Dowey, is 28 years her junior, and works as a caregiver in the UK while also pursuing a career in the music industry.


Speaking with Anthony Miller on TVJ Entertainment Report, Queenie, born Janese Espeut, expressed that sometimes she might get a little physical with her husband. She proceeded to explain the viral video showing what appears to be them fighting in an airport by stating that she only pushed him, however, it was misinterpreted by viewers.

But, Dowey, who felt embarrassed by the video, stopped communicating with his wife and had even moved out of their shared UK home.

“A there so mi realize seh…every man have responsibility and yuh affi face yuh responsibilities dem,” Dowey explained, adding that he has accepted his obligations as a husband. The two reconnected and settled their differences, returning to the internet as a power couple. “So when him wah run to hundred gyal, mi a show him seh me can mek a million,” she said.

Queenie elaborated on why she fights for her marriage to work, saying, “Material thing come and go. Yuh cyah buy love, yuh cyah buy happiness. It’s natural and dats weh mi a stand fah.” When asked how long she feels that her marriage will last, she answered by saying, “Whatever will be will be.” Additionally, she spoke about her daughter, Rochelle, who died last October of cancer and became emotional as she expressed her appreciation for her life.

Nonetheless, UK-based dancehall deejay Sikka Rymes, an affiliate of the Gaza Empire who was almost killed in 2019 by gunmen stepped into the interview. He produced Queenie and Dowey’s One Man To Mi Goodie collaboration that was released on September 23. 

Now, revisiting Jamaica, he is a lot more careful and has been working closely with the married couple. One of the projects includes the Double Tap artiste and Macka Diamond on a track whereby the music video for this single is complete and is upcoming. 

Rymes also informed Miller that Queenie will be collaborating with incarcerated deejay Shawn Storm. He added that Dowey is working on a song of his own that will feature Queenie.

Watch the interview with Queenie and Dowey below.

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