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Sikka Rymes Returns after he Survived an Attack that almost took His Life

Sikka Rymes interview after getting shot 3 times

Sikka Rymes the rising dancehall star that was shot 3 times by gunmen on Hope Rd. recently, after he spent some time in hospital recovering, he was discharged and was able to do an interview. Sikka explains that he returns to the hospital sometimes to do eye tests and blood tests, because he has diabetes. In a recent Onstage interview, he spoke about being conscious the whole time after he was shot. He knew that he was riding his motorcycle in a line of traffic and a car that was also in the line overtook the vehicles that were behind him and pulled up beside him and someone started firing shots at him. He was shot in his hand, his chest and his foot before he realised that the person who fired the shots had no intention to stop, and he turn the bike on the side and let it …

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Sikka Rymes Gives Details On How He Got Shot “I’m Not Doing Well”

The rising Portmore dancehaller who is currently in Hospital explains in several released voice notes what happened on the night he got shot. Sikka Rymes states that he was riding his bike heading home from a stage show when a car pulled up beside him and started firing shots. “every shot weh dem fire it count, me get one inna mi hand, one inna mi chest and di one inna mi knee” said Sikka Rymes. After getting shot 3 times Javian Chambers aka Sikka Rymes jumped off his moving bike and ran to safety, the tragic incident took place last Sunday December 1st hours before daylight. Rymes who is still hospitalized explained that he not doing well because he is unable to write music etc “not a good feeling right now” he said. Sikka also cleared up earlier reports about him getting shot while at a stoplight “mi nuh deh …

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Sikka Rhymes Said This In His Last Interview

During a recent interview Sikka Rhymes, who is said to be the closet protégé to Vybz Kartel, spoke about his new song that was blazing up the place both in Jamaica and abroad. He said it was about a topic that everyone could relate to, which is how fast people are moving from one relationship to the next. No one is trying to hold on to their partners anymore. He said he and Kartel are family, he is from Trench Town, but he now lives in Portmore. The young artiste said his career started in 2011 and 2019 has been his best year. He was grateful that his family supported him a lot, as he has type one diabetes and it can be hard for him to manage it, because he is on the road for long hours and the Insulin has to be kept in the refrigerator, he also …

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Lisa Hyper, Sikka Rhymes Update

In a recent interview, Lisa Hyper said Sikka Rhymes is recovering nicely, he can now eat and talk, he is even quite cheerful. She said he is focused on returning to what he did before, as he loves his career in the music business a lot. When she was asked if she had any idea why someone would want to shoot him, she said she believes it was envy, because Sikka was a humble person, he was never in any conflict with anyone, even his lyrics were always non-violent. She said, “the family was praying for him as they know that the family who prays together stays together. She believes the Doctors will keep him in the hospital until he is fully recovered, so she doesn’t know when he will be released yet.” He is recovering after he was shot three times, Lisa said, “one of the shots went straight …

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JLP Caretaker asks Police to Assist in Declaring His Family’s Innocence in Sikka Rhymes Shooting

Krisho Holmes, the JLP caretaker for the Waterford Division whose three relatives were murdered on Sunday, says none of them were involved in Sikka Rymes, the dancehall entertainer’s shooting.  There has been a lot of speculation about what could cause the murders, and sources close to the Sunday night murder scene in St. Catherine are saying the murders could be a reprisal for the shooting that happened earlier.  Police sources indicated that someone else who resides in the house where the victims of the triple murder lived, was a suspect for the entertainers shooting and the murderers wanted to kill him. Mr. Holmes is now saying those theories are misleading, dangerous and false. He is calling on the police to remedy the damage that has been done to his family by intervening and doing more investigations so they can find the guilty persons. He is worried about the damage that …

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Sykka Rymes Still in Hospital

Sikka Rymes whose given name is Javian Chambers remains in hospital and his condition is closely monitored, because of another medical condition that he had. He is a member of the so-called Gaza Nation, a self-styled vice president of the Gaza music group. The 26 years-old was badly injured when he was shot on Old Hope Road not far from the Sovereign shopping centre on Tuesday. Sources that are close to the investigation of the triple murder, last Sunday, in Waterford, St. Catherine, have alleged that it could have been done as a reprisal for Sikka Rymes’ shooting.  There has been a curfew that is on in the area, and it has been extended for one more day. The deejay was trailed after performing at an event in Sandy Park in the early morning of Sunday, December 1st. The shooting took place at 3:45am at a stoplight in the vicinity of …

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UPDATE: SIKKA RYMES shot Multiple Times After Being Followed From Party

Javian Chambers aka Sikka Rymes a known protege and family member of jailed dancehall star Vybz kartel is now undergoing surgery after being shot multiple times. The deejay was trailed after performing at an event in Sandy Park in the early morning of Sunday, December 1st. The shooting reportedly took place at about 3:45am in the vicinity of the Sovereign Shopping Centre, the entertainer’s bike was shot at by unknown assailants the police reported. Sikka Rymes had surgery at the Kingston Public Hospital to remove reported 3 bullets from his body. Further reports state that the deejay was responsive before surgery however his future is still uncertain. This is not the first time the deejay as been admitted in hospital as he shared pics of himself in the past being bedridden and very weak in the hospital, we hope the deejay finds the strength to pull through. One person commented …

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Sikka Rymes Shot, Now in CRITICAL condition

Vybz kartel’s protege Sikka Rymes was shot early this morning in St. Andrew, reports are that he was shot about 3:45am after which he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Sikka Rymes is now undergoing surgery at the Kingston Public Hospital. This is not the first time the deejay as been admitted in hospital as he shared pics of himself in the past being bedridden and very weak in the hospital, we hope the deejay finds the strength to pull through. Shawn Storm has since posted online with regards to the matter, see more in the video report below

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