Queenie’s “One Man To Mi Goodie” Back on YouTube, She Thanks Sikka Rymes – Watch Video

In a recent live stream, Queenie sent her thanks to former manager Sikka Rymes for unprivating her hit song One Man To Mi Goodie, which he had removed from the platform last year.

Queenie and Sikka Rymes terminated their partnership last year when the manager allegedly told her to stay in Jamaica for an extended period of time that would end with Queenie missing her daughter’s nine night, and the artiste refused to do so. This among other factors, including her high-profile controversial marriage to Dowey, resulted in the reasons for them ending their professional relationship.

The ended partnership was concluded with Rymes removing Queenie’s songs from YouTube. However, in the Live, the June Plum artiste was all smiles as she praised her former producer.

Calling herself his wife in the music industry, Queenie said, “Sikka Rymes, when me get rich yuh affi get some ennuh…all when yuh nuh want it…all when me and yuh at war mi still a gi yuh your own. Yah mi dupes…di man gi mi back mi song…”

Excited, she went on to say that there is give and take in any relationship and that after showcasing her talent Sikka was proud of her, so he gave her back the music he had removed. Queenie also apologized for her behaviour towards the producer when they were still working together.

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Watch the video below:


Watch the music video for “One Man To Mi Goodie” below:

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