Queenie Exposes Sikka Rymes, Dowey Responds to Lisa Hyper, Lisa Hyper Calls Out Sikka Rymes for taking Queenie’s Songs – Watch Videos

After confronting Lisa Hyper about threatening her husband, emerging dancehall artiste Queen Ladi Gangsta has revealed a series of events that occurred with her former manager/producer Sikka Rymes. Their issues resulted in Sikka Rymes terminating their business together and burning a few bridges in the process by deleting all the songs Queenie had done. 

After giving Lisa Hyper an earful for speaking ill of her husband, Queenie went on a rant about her former producer, Sikka Rymes, whom she claimed sent Lisa to disrespect her husband. Sikka Rymes apparently ended his affiliation with Queenie because she refused to do everything he said, which included hopping on flights when he said and changing her personality the way he deemed fit. 


“The man say mi fi stay a Jamaica fi do the video – the Bounce video wid me and Macka Diamond… Him a say mi fi tek extended time, I say am not taking any extended time caw mi daughter nine night is the 9 of September, him seh mi fi choose between mi career, mi seh mi a choose mi daughter,” she explained. 

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Queenie stated that she had proof of her former manager cussing her out over various things, including her tumultuous marriage. She also claimed that he leaked old voice notes of her husband speaking ill of her after their business was over, and now, she thinks he was using Lisa Hyper to do further damage. During the rant, she called out music producer Notnice, whom she dissed as “Stinking Notnice,” while indicating that he was also influencing Sikka Rymes. She declared that her former producer had deleted all the songs she recorded with him and the music video they shot in Jamaica with Macka Diamond.

According to Queenie, her former manager told her he was the reason why people were now respecting her, which did not sit well with her nor her husband. Her husband also voiced his thoughts, dissing Lisa Hyper for the “box” threat. “Big p*ssy bloodcl**t Lisa Hype. Mi know yuh from no weh p*ssyhole gyal bout box. Go box yuh bombocl**t mumma man,” Dowey stated during another Live stream with Queenie. He went on to utter various expletives, claiming that Lisa Hyper and Sikka Rymes were more than just friends.

Meanwhile, Lisa Hyper called out Sikka Rymes in her Instagram Stories, where she indicated that what he was doing was “f*ckery” and told him to “give @queenladi_gangstaa back her song dem now.” While she stated that Sikka Rymes wanted to be Vybz Kartel, she informed him that she would no longer voice his songs and warned him against publicising her ideas.

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Watch the videos of Queenie, Dowey and Lisa Hyper’s responses below.

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