Dr. Dre’s Daughter Lashed Out at 50 Cent After He Made Misogynistic Comments About the Divorce of Her Parents

Sunday, September 27, 2020, 12:47 PM

Dr. Dre’s 19 year old Daughter Truly Young decided to speak-out about the blatant disrespect and misogyny that she thought was disgusting and vile. She was angry and resented the way her mother was referred to as a bitch by 50 Cent.

Truly believes 50’s marketing schemes are disgusting and he was not considering the feelings of the children in her family.


She thinks everyone knows 50 is a d**k but he proved it to himself. It is clear that Truly will be standing up for her mother as most daughters would do. 

50 Cent made posts about the $2 million a month that Truly’s mother had asked for in temporary spousal support. He wondered how anyone could ask for $2 million a month. He wrote that the bi**hes were crazy after the amount was in the headlines.

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Nicole Young had also wanted another $5 million to cover her legal fees, even though there was questionable evidence that came out during the divorce proceedings. 

Truly called 50 an ugly washed up early 2000’s rapper who had to file for bankruptcy and added that he was envious of the wealth her family had. She thinks he will be spending the rest of his savings on steroids and her post was littered with expletives. 

Dre’s daughter also left a comment for Xzibit who simply said Wtf??? under the post. She said her parents had done a lot for him and his family and his response to a quote calling her mom a bi**ch was not acceptable.

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RELATED: Dr. Dre’s wife ‘Nicole Young’ Explains why she has 1.9m in Monthly Expenses

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