Drake Gets Ears Pierced and Debut New Look

Drake finally completed his flyboy look by doing something folks thought he would’ve had done many years ago. He got his ears pierced for a reason that it is hilarious.

The owner of Atlanta Ink — a tattoo and piercing studio in the ATL revealed that Drizzy’s team called them on Friday night, which was quite shocking to them, they wanted the piercer to visit Drake’s hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta for a personal session.

It is possible that, the rapper’s team did a quick Google search to find the best piercers in the area, and Atlanta Ink came up close to the top of the list in the results.

Anyway, the best piercer was taken to Drake’s hotel room. Where none other than Champagne Papi was waiting. The professional piercer, said he was told that Drake wanted his ears pierced, and naturally, the super star was kinda nervous about it.

After talking him through it, the piercer cleaned Drake’s ear lobes and marked them. Then he stuck the needle through the left one first and then the right. There was no gun or numbing gel because Drake said he didn’t want any. He slightly complained about the right ear hurting a bit more. However, by the end, he was pleased with the results.

Drake Gets Ears Pierced and Debut New Look

His own team had 2 diamond-studded earrings ready for him, they were allegedly worth $70k, with 3 carats each. The piercer placed them in his newly pierced ears, and he proudly went about his business the rest of the night.

It’s almost like he’s a whole new guy, with this new look. Drake went to an event not long after in Jackson, MI, he co-hosted an OVO sponsored gig. The whole world could see his new earrings and he was complimented by the ladies before.

They were complimenting him when he wore the magnetic earrings when was trying to make up his mind about doing the piercing, and that caused him to get his ears pierced in the end. 

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