Drake Loses $275,000 From A UFC Bet

Rapper Drake is perhaps in tears at this time due to the result of Saturday night’s UFC fight which saw him losing a massive $275,000, after betting on Jorge Masvidal.

Masvidal went up against Colby Covington who won the fight unanimously, heartlessly going on after the match up to thrash talk the singer.


According to TMZ who initially published the story, Drake had to bear hearing Covington making an after fight speech saying; “Let’s talk about all the money that Drake lost tonight. He needs to go back to selling those s**tty albums to get back the money.” 

The UFC competitor then went further to tell Drake how bad he was at sports betting, urging him to get back to rapping and making his “s**tty” albums.

Based on the information retrieved by TMZ, Drake would have been 1 million dollars lucky if Masvidal had come out the victor but even though the losing fighter said he fought very hard, the decision about the winner seemed to have been a very easy one. 

It is also reported that the two fighters have a bitter taste of hatred against each other which caused the fighter Drake had his bet on to state after the fight that his opponent is a “bitch”, going on to make it known that the “bitch” can wrestle.

Watch Drake below reacting to losing $250,000.

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