Drake Seemingly Lashes Out at Kendrick Lamar During Performance – Watch Video

During his performance in Sunrise, Florida, Drake delivered a potent message that has reverberated through the rap community, igniting speculations about his ongoing rivalry with Kendrick Lamar. With his characteristic bravado, Drake, 37, stated, “I got my f–kin’ head up high, my back straight, I’m 10 f–king toes down,” a declaration that resonated with the audience and hinted at a deeper context within the hip-hop world.

Music journalist Tetris Kelly interprets Drake‘s words as a direct response to Kendrick Lamar, highlighting the enduring feud between these two rap titans. Drake’s assertive claim, “There’s not a n—a on this earth that could ever f–k with me in my life,” was perceived not just as a self-affirmation but as a challenge thrown down to his peers, especially in the light of recent developments.

The ongoing tension between Drake and Kendrick Lamar was further fueled on Friday by Kendrick’s provocative lines in the track “Like That” with Future and Metro Boomin, where he appeared to call out both Drake and J. Cole. This incident added another layer to the narrative, referencing a complex history of competition and one-upmanship that dates back over a decade.

Kendrick Lamar

The origins of this rivalry trace back to 2013 when Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” sent shockwaves through the industry, challenging his peers and claiming his supremacy in the rap game. Drake’s response at the time, as reported by Billboard, was dismissive, emphasizing his belief in his own prowess and downplaying Kendrick’s challenge.

Now, with Drake‘s recent statements in Florida, it appears that this long-standing rivalry has reignited, with Drake positioning himself as an unassailable figure in the rap world. His words not only serve as a reaffirmation of his own status but also as a provocation, inviting scrutiny and possibly responses from his contemporaries, particularly Kendrick Lamar.

As the rap community watches closely, Drake’s bold assertion in Sunrise could mark a new chapter in this high-profile feud, setting the stage for further artistic exchanges and intensifying the competitive spirit that defines much of the rap genre.

Notably, in the past, Drake had lyrical beef with fellow rappers Meek Mill, Pusha T, Xxxtentacion, Kanye West etc.

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