Drake still ruled the Summer in Music

[Sharingbuttons]Pusha T did all he could to drag Drake’s name down, when he made sure that everyone heard about Drake’s son. Drake did not respond for a while and then he did a free style about Pusha T’s wife Virginia Williams and doing that was seen as a bad thing for his career.

Pusha T said his wife’s name should never be mentioned by any rapper. However, Drake won the summer because there is no one else who is able to roll out new albums like Drake. He just dusts off the dirt and keeps on pleasing his fans.


During the summer Drake was putting out new songs every week and he had released his Scorpion album as well.

Drake is a brand and it is clear that he knows what to do to maintain his position in the Rap world. He is a lot more calculated than many other rappers so other rappers need to do more than digging up dirt to mess with his career.

It seems as though everyone saw that Pusha T was not playing fair, he put Drake’s business out there and then said his business was off limits.

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