Drake Turns Heads with New Diamond Necklace Made with 42 Engagements…

Drake recently added a diamond chain to his collection, which has some people wondering about its origin. Known for his status as a troubled playboy, the Canadian rapper has one child and 42 engagements he never completed.

According to public knowledge, Drake has never proposed to anyone, but his new “Previous Engagements” chain includes diamond rings from every time he didn’t go through with a proposal.
Alex Moss revealed the Y-shaped chain on his Instagram, sharing that he and Drake worked on it together. A new piece entitled “‘PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENTS’, For All The Times He Thought About It, But Never Did It,” he captioned, “42 Engagement Rings, 351.38 Carats Of Diamonds.”


In Moss’s video, it is also revealed that the creation process took more than 14 months, with “each diamond hand-selected.”

If you do the calculations, Drake’s diamond engagement rings would each have been approximately 8.4 carats.

An average wholesale certified ring of this carat costs $796,416 to $11,883,584, according to The Diamond Registry.

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